I had wanted to play with Rails 2 a bit, without breaking any of the Rails 3 apps I’m working on. I use rvm anyway, so I thought it would be pretty straightforward. I found instructions for setting it up, but ran into a couple snags.

First I installed Ruby 1.8.7 and created a gemset.

  $ rvm install 1.8.7
  $ rvm use 1.8.7
  $ rvm gemset create rails2
  $ rvm use 1.8.7@rails2

Then installed rails 2.3.11:

  $ gem install rails --version 2.3.11

The first problem I ran into was that rvm had put rake 10.0.4 in the global gemset for ruby 1.8.7. This caused an error when running rake tasks:

  ERROR: 'rake/rdoctask' is obsolete and no longer supported. Use 'rdoc/task' (available in RDoc 2.4.2+) instead.

To fix this:

  $ rvm use 1.8.7@global
  $ gem uninstall rake
  $ rvm use 1.8.7@rails2
  $ gem install -v=0.8.7 rake

It was also using the latest rubygems. This caused another error when running the gems:install rake task:

  undefined method `name' for "actionmailer":String

To fix:

  $ rvm rubygems 1.6.2

Now you should be able to play. You may want to brush up on the differences between Rails 2 and 3 if it’s been a while.

  $ rails r2test
  $ cd r2test

[uncomment the sqlite3-ruby line in config/environment.rb]

  $ rake gems:install
  $ script/generate scaffold User name:string
  $ rake db:migrate
  $ script/server


Pro tip: set up an rvmrc for your Rails 2 projects so rvm automatically loads the correct ruby version & gemset when you cd into the directory.

  $ rvm rvmrc create 1.8.7@rails2
  $ rvm rvmrc trust