Alexander Clark

Full-Stack Developer & Leader


I've been developing full-stack web applications professionally for well over a decade, but I've been programming for nearly twenty-five years.

When I say I'm a full stack developer, I don't just mean HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and SQL. I mean the whole stack. I've built servers and configured racks in datacenters. I've compiled hundreds of Linux kernels and configured dozens of different services. While most of the configuring I do these days is in Docker, I find a deep understanding of the underlying technology invaluable.

Whether I'm working as a manager or an individual contributor, I bring clear, proactive communication; a customer-focused perspective; comprehensive technical understanding; well-honed troubleshooting ability; and a deep love of building things.


From time to time I like to speak at local meetups. Here are some of the talks I've given.


Coding isn't just a job for me; it's also a hobby. While I enjoy many other activities, I do spend a certain amount of my free time working on various coding side projects. Sometimes it's to learn. Sometimes it's to teach others. And sometimes it's just to make something easier.

See my GitHub for more.